Graph of Waiparuru rent prices (lowest option in Waiparuru. Waiparuru is the most expensive hall). 2022 was $435, 2023 was $470 and 2024 will be $510

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Our Why

We strongly oppose the University's unfair and disproportionate rent increases and urge them to stop exploiting their students by decreasing their rent. The University is a tertiary education institution, not a business, and its students are not consumers or customers. They must prioritise student wellbeing and make the students their focus. We demand that the University of Auckland lower the rent at their student accommodation to ease the cost of living pressures on students.

Students Thoughts

  • “It has made me need to overwork and miss classes just to pay bills by working weekends (10 hours) and weekdays (10 pm - 2 am, 4 nights a week).” - First Year Student

  • “Alongside feeling as though the price I am paying is not properly justified for a self-catered accommodation, I also have an internal feeling of guilt that my parents have to help. I work 21 hours a week while studying full-time to ensure that I can keep up with other additional expenses. The price for a safe place (particularly as a young woman) should not be this expensive.” - Second-year student